Case Study – Ricoh Ireland

Name of Client – Ricoh Ireland

Service Offered – Office Equipment Delivery, Office Equipment Installation


Ricoh Ireland offers comprehensive documentation and IT services including hardware, software and support services for businesses across the country. It is the leading supplier of print and imaging solutions in Ireland. The company has been recognised as a ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World’.

General Manager Gary Hopwood came across Cargocare back around 1999 when the business contacted Ricoh Ireland with a view to introducing their services “Even back in those days, one of the things that struck me was the fact that this was a family business and Liam came across as genuine and committed to meeting customer needs – I felt there was integrity there. At the time we were having problems with our freight supplier so we were open to trying a new freight forwarder. Now about 16 years later – I’m glad we did!”

Gary left to work in Ricoh UK for a number of years but the relationship between the Irish arm of the business and Cargocare continued to flourish. Gary returned in recent years as General Manager of the Irish business and he has been delighted to continue working with Cargocare.

Office Equipment Service

Gary outlines the service delivered by Cargocare “Well the service is more comprehensive than you might typically expect from a Freight Forwarder and that’s really because Liam managed the relationship so well he could see where we needed help. Initially Cargocare simply shipped goods over from Holland to Ireland and distributed the office equipment to our customers across the country. Now they also move the equipment into its location and do “green light” testing to make sure it arrives in working order. Also if existing equipment needs to be moved at a customer’s facility, they do this work for us too. They have all the equipment needed, like heavy lifting equipment, stair walkers and so on and their team have been trained exceptionally well.”

Benefits for Ricoh Ireland in Working with Cargocare

As the relationship has been strong for many years, Gary sees many advantages in outsourcing freight services and equipment delivery and installation services to Cargocare. “Cost is important to every business but you need to pitch that against the reliability of the supplier and the service given – we’re happy that we’ve got that balance right with Cargocare.” Honesty and trust are other traits that have cemented the relationship. Gary describes it like this “I know when I talk with Cargocare that I get the real story; what’s actually happening on the ground. That means I can trust what I’m being told – in the freight business that’s not always the case. So that trust is a huge thing and it’s driven by Liam and his family who work in the business.”

As Cargocare offer an office installation service, to a large extent they operate as brand ambassadors for Ricoh Ireland, with their customers. “We often get plaudits from our customers about the friendliness and efficiency of the service – that adds value to our brand. Also they have our branding on some of their vehicles too and that’s a small thing but it all adds up to a more cohesive service from the perspective of the end-customer – that’s an added benefit for Ricoh Ireland.”

Common Business Ethos

Cargocare and Ricoh Ireland have a shared commitment to working in a sustainable way.  Ricoh Ireland is one of just 17 certified companies with The Business Working Responsibly Mark here in Ireland. “We were delighted when Cargocare came on board to help with the Belfast to Dublin charity cycle event we ran. It’s important to us that our suppliers are on board with working ethically and we’ve always found that Cargocare is supportive of our charitable efforts.”

Looking to the future Gary expects the relationship to grow “It sounds strange in this era – for some people in commercial life – to say that trust and honesty are hugely important but they are and it’s on that basis that I see us continuing to have a strong and growing relationship with Cargocare – and I’m happy to be able to say that.