Digital Revolution to Impact Freight Companies in Ireland

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The digital revolution is in full swing throughout every industry across the globe and freight companies in Ireland are facing significant changes in the coming years. New and exciting technologies are being introduced all the time that are designed to improve service levels, drive productivity and increase operational efficiencies.

Underutilised Capacity

Traditionally the road freight industry has been quite inefficient, in fact it is estimated that 25% of all kilometres travelled by delivery trucks are empty. In recent times freight forwarding companies have worked hard to get on top of the problem, by improving efficiency.

And there has been a certain amount of success in these efforts across the industry – figures announced during 2016 by the Department of Transport in the UK revealed a big improvement and industry representative Christopher Snelling at the Freight Transport Association noted that freight companies are becoming increasingly efficient in terms of maximising the utilisation of space in vehicles.

Cargocare expects to see this trend continue over the coming year as new technologies and applications have a positive impact on the industry.

Evolution for Freight Companies

Disruptive digital businesses such as Airbnb have been changing the landscape recently and have been a huge success. Uber and Hailo are two companies that have had big impact on the taxi industry. Customers can download their apps and easily order a taxi, track instantly where the car is and when it will arrive and then pay (and tip!) for the journey – all through their smartphone! The popularity of this service has grown exponentially and from a customer perspective, it offers a far more convenient service than has previously been available. Of course from an industry perspective is has also been hugely popular for those taxi-drivers who have embraced it.

So it’s no surprise that Uber has now set their eyes on the freight market and the industry can prepare to see more businesses enter this marketplace. Roger Crook, the former Global Forwarding CEO at DHL is also looking to enter the market with another disrupter, Convargo. He thinks that we will see tech having a significant impacting on freight forwarding companies in Ireland as these platforms continue to grow and evolve, connecting customers directly with freight companies.

Investment in Technology & Supports

Cargocare looks forward to taking advantage of any new platforms that appear over the next year or two and we are keen to share the potential efficiency gains with our customers. In the meantime of course we have used web technologies to support clients and the level of online activity on is extensive. Our Online Quick Quote Service has been extremely popular with our customers requiring express freight services between the UK and Ireland. We believe this responsiveness online is a good indication that our clients are keen to embrace new technologies and we look forward to taking this journey successfully together.

We have also begun the transformation by investing in other technologies; all of our trucks have state of the art tracking installed that allows us know where they are and more importantly where they should be! And customers find our online Proof of Delivery system extremely beneficial; it

facilitates Customers to log in and find delivery dockets easily and reports can also be customised to meet the needs of each individual business.

Cargocare take a very responsible approach to the environment and we always consider how new technology can help us to be even more environmentally friendly.

If you’re interested in cutting your costs we have a number of delivery options available. You can also receive a quick quote and contact a member of our team if you need more information.