A Good Year for Cargocare, Thanks!

Freight Companies like Cargocare have had a great yearFreight companies in Ireland enjoy success in 2015

This year business has been buoyant – for freight companies like ourselves and for our clients. So we thought it’d be a good time to share some of the successes and developments we’ve had at Cargocare over the course of 2015. And of course we want to take a moment out to say thanks a million to all our clients and customers for their business over the years – as a family company, we know the value of customer service and loyalty and we sincerely appreciate your support.

So here’s the whistle-stop tour of what we’ve been up to in 2015……

New Business / Long-standing Customers

This year we secured a number of new customers who founded and are growing indigenous Irish businesses, promoting quality brands – it’s a great sign for the Irish economy. Here’s a flavour of some of the businesses and entrepreneurs that we can all feel proud of….

Orla Reynolds Designs produces brilliant space-saving shelving that is designed cleverly so that tables and chairs fold in seamlessly into the shelving. The furniture is shipped into the UK where Cargocare is responsible for the storage and distribution of the products. We also unpack and position the shelving, in keeping with our commitment to offer a flexible and comprehensive service.

Nikstea.ie supplies a beautiful selection of teas from around the world and the business has an impressive range of clients including Fallon & Byrne, Supervalu, Brown Thomas and many more. Cargocare handles the importation of the teas and all the distribution and delivery of the product across Ireland – and we enjoy the odd cuppa ourselves!

Distinct Distribution specialises in the beauty market and the company operates across Ireland and the UK.
One of it’s flagship products, NIP+FAB is proving a big hit and it ticks all the boxes for customers; being easy to buy, affordable and highly effective. We handle the importation of this product from the UK to Ireland and we were delighted to discover it works just as well for men as women.

Another source of new business has been “micro-moves” where individuals have asked for us to arrange their shipping of personal affects, often due to career moves. With Dublin as a base for the European Head Quarters of so many large multi-nationals such as Microsoft, Google, eBay and others – and London as a global focus of commercial activity – it’s no surprise that there is increasing mobility of the workforce between Ireland and the UK. Given our expertise in freight forwarding between the two regions, Cargocare has been in the ideal position to capture much of this market. In fact a number of new enquiries for this service came through our website – see more later.

Of course it’s been a joy continue working with our long-standing customers too and it is wonderful to see so many back in full flow now that the Irish and UK economies have recovered so strongly.

Capital Investment

All freight companies need to invest in fleet and Cargocare has continued with our programme of re-investment and capital expenditure to ensure a reliable and efficient logistics service for our customers. This year we bought new Renault trucks, a box body for installation work and curtain siders for standard deliveries. The Renault trucks are ideal for city deliveries with the most environmentally friendly Euro6 engines. We also have a number of new trailers on order for the New Year, as we foresee a growth in demand for freight forwarding services.

Investment in Online marketing

One of our priorities for 2015 was to invest in online marketing and we appointed digital marketing agency. Inspiration to re-develop the site and to manage the pro-active promotion of the site under their Monthly. Marketing programme. This has proven to be a very worthwhile investment, founder Liam Brewer says

“In the beginning we perhaps viewed the outlay as an expense but we saw tangible results very quickly and enquiries continue grow month on month. It is good to have someone looking after this area for us and it certainly boosts business.”

In fact a quick review of the website stats. shows that enquiries are at an all-time high and the return on investment for Adwords is probably at least 35% better than was previously being achieved.

Minimise Waste & Sustainability

One of our priorities this year was to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable work practices and for freight companies there are a number of key areas we can address; reducing fossil fuel consumption and the effective management of packaging are two aspects we addressed.

The first step to minimise waste is to measure and benchmark the current environmental performance and this is an area that we have started to work on. The management team has also been busy educating itself on this topic, being familiar with projects such as LaMiLo and attending industry events where best practice is discussed. We have also given drivers some initial training on managing packaging waste.

We have also started to invest in electric vehicles – this is an exciting development for Cargocare as in the past the technology and infrastructure available made it non-commercial to use electric transport. This is no longer the case and our first ever electric vehicle is proving highly effective in terms of making city deliveries.

In 2016 the area of sustainability will of course continue to be a key priority and we will work with others in the industry to drive sustainable practices into the freight sector.

Charitable Activity

During the year, Liam Brewer braved the elements and slept overnight on the streets to raise funds for homelessness through the Focus Ireland campaign “Shine a Light”. Many Cargocare clients and colleagues supported Liam in his endeavour so we’re glad to have the chance again to say thanks a million for helping raise over €6,500 for the homeless fund.

Cargocare also supported the Ricoh Ireland Belfast to Dublin charity cycle. Only 17 Irish businesses are accredited with The Business Working Responsibly Mark and Ricoh Ireland is one of them. This initiative reflects the great ethos Ricoh Ireland has and that we are delighted to be able to support.

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2015 marks over 30 years in business for Cargocare and founder Liam Brewer puts the longevity and success of the business down to an absolute dedication to excellent customer service. “It’s great to have secured so many new customers in 2015 and we take this as a sign of more growth in the future. But of course the loyalty of long-standing customers has been critical too. We feel lucky to work with clients we respect so much and we wish all our customers a peaceful Christmas and a successful 2016. We’re looking forward to it!”

Of course we should finish the years round-up with a warm welcome for a new Brewer to the team; little Will Brewer, born 26th Oct this year – congrats to John and Barbara. Cargocare is in safe hands for generations to come!