Freight Companies attend the Essex Sustainability Conference 2016

Freight CompaniesThis upcoming conference will take place on Thursday, 21st April at DP World London Gateway in Essex. The port itself is a significant development for those involved in logistics and freight forwarding – with 2,700 metres of Quayside and 24 giant Quay cranes, it’s an excellent resource and it offers fast, easy access into London city and its suburbs. Recently re-developed, its state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment have been designed to optimise sustainability in supply chain logistics – into the future.

There is much talk about creating Consolidation Centres for freight forwarders to co-ordinate last mile deliveries more sustainably and effectively and the port will no doubt look to play a key role in this regard – having created a 9 million square foot logistics centre with excellent road and rail connections across the UK. So it’s no surprise that the Port is hosting this event as it’s an ideal location and we’re looking forward to the line-up.

Conference Theme – People, Planet, Profit.

The conference is running over the course of the afternoon and the main theme will cover how People, Planet and Profit need to accommodate each other successfully.

There will be a number of masterclasses on these topics and the group discussion is provocatively titled “What has sustainability ever done for me?” The conference aims to show how embracing sustainability can be profitable – not costly – for businesses and organisations and it claims to offer “practical tools and advice”.

Cargocare at the Essex Sustainability Conference

Every year we attend a number of industry events to keep up-to-speed with the latest developments in the marketplace and 2016 will be no exception. We look forward to going to this Conference and we have a keen interest in sustainability.  Although the  LaMiLo project is gaining traction now, we have been offering a customer service that includes delivering on the last mile of a delivery service for many clients. This is a more comprehensive and sustainable service and it simply makes sense from every perspective.

Reviewing freight companies services? Contact Cargocare

If you currently have a supplier for freight services and you want to review your options, why not talk with us? Cargocare offers a full range of freight services including freight forwarding, express freight delivery between Ireland and the UK,  personal shipping and the delivery, installation and positioning of office equipment.

If you are interested in talking through your requirements, we’d be delighted to hear from you. We have world-class reference clients, a long-standing list of satisfied customers and a daily service running between the UK and Ireland. Please do contact us.