Freight Forwarding and Logistics Businesses to address Training Needs

Freight Forwarding Skills Ireland Report - The Way ForwardRecently a report was issued by the Irish government analysing the likely skills required in the freight forwarding and logistics sector from 2015 through to 2020. The article considered the factors influencing changes in the sector and the main factors reviewed included;

  • The influence of IT and developments with technology
  • The need for sustainable power and efficient use of energy
  • The relevant legislation and applicable regulation
  • The move towards centralisation of logistics
  • The fact that exports are critical to the Irish economy
  • The commercial drive to cut costs
  • The consolidation of businesses operating in the freight forwarding sector

The goal of the study was to assess the current skill levels, consider the environment i.e. the factors outlined above and to make recommendations in terms of training, further education, higher education and the skills needed to support the sector into the future. points out that this is an important report for all those involved in logistics and related businesses as it underlines the importance of this market to employment in the country – as freight forwarding and other related businesses support jobs not only in their own sector but also in retail, wholesale and distribution and in manufacturing.

Recommendations for Logistics and Freight Forwarding Market

The report ultimately made 13 priority recommendations and these can be summarised as follows;

  • A special group should be set-up to implement the recommendations
  • National Occupation Standards should be documented to create career pathways
  • Apprenticeship programs need to be set up, initially for HGV drivers, then warehousing and other related roles
  • Career information should be developed and marketed into schools
  • The capabilities of managers in SME’s in the sector need to be addressed
  • Project management, procurement and logistics skills need to be improved
  • More training needs to be available for freight forwarding companies
  • IT courses for all levels need to be more widely available
  • Courses in soft skills also need to be introduced
  • A new Centre should be developed to offer all this training/upskilling courses
  • More third level logistics courses need to be provided
  • Supply chain modules should be included in other courses too
  • Awareness of the courses that are currently available needs to be increased

The report concluded that there is a lack of co-ordination between the relevant bodies in the industry and therefore the awareness and take-up of existing courses and skills training is lower than it could be. It recommends a more cohesive approach and the recommendations made are designed to offer a framework to address this issue.

Cargocare Responds to Your Logistics and Freight Forwarding Requirements

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