Freight Forwarding Service and LaMiLo – The Practical Benefits for Business

LaMiLo (last mile logistics) is an EU initiative that is currently in progress, researching ways in which connectivity can be improved in terms of transport logistics. It is analysing freight forwarding practices and how different approaches to the “last mile” may deliver efficiencies from a number of perspectives; in terms of environmental and economic sustainability. Cargocare is naturally interested in this field from both an environmental and business perspective and our office equipment delivery and office equipment installation services reflect the ethos of operating in a more efficient manner for the benefit of all – our customers, end users and the built environment.

Background on LaMiLo

The project is focussed on North West Europe and a total budget of over €7 million was allocated to this research process. It has worked with representative organisations in a variety of countries to ty to instigate a change in practices by the key influencers in the market – these include

  • Private Companies
  • The Public Sector
  • End Users

In Ireland The Irish Exporters Assoc. partnered LaMiLo and it launched Supply Chain Ireland to educate the market on the findings of the research, which a view to changing behaviour. LaMiLo hopes to cut CO2 levels in urban centres through efficient transport methods and better logistics.

Trials demonstrate sustainable logistics for city centres

An overview of the projects undertaken to date clearly demonstrates some of the benefits to be gained from better-planned and more cohesive logistics. Participating locations were able to benefit a number of advantages purely by focussing on changing existing freight forwarding services and logistics practices. They were also able to identify future changes in behaviour which could reap benefits.

For example, in Nijmegen and Maastricht, in the Netherlands online shoppers committed to taking delivery of goods at home at agreed times that suited their schedules, thus cutting down on re-deliveries and improving congestion issues in the towns.

Another project in Brussels set up a central communications platform bringing stakeholders together to reduce the number of trucks on the road and the co-ordinated approach has already led to benefits such as more efficient and timely deliveries of goods into shops.

In London, a trial looked at using low-emission, high-speed trains to take goods into the city centre where smaller goods vehicles could make the final deliveries in the central congested streets and these vehicles are more suited to the urban environment than larger transport vehicles.

All of the projects undertaken by LaMiLo have demonstrated that benefits are available to those willing to plan their logistics better.

Comprehensive Freight Forwarding Service Options from Cargocare

If you’re are involved in buying freight forwarding services and you’re interested in working with a flexible family-run business with a range of vehicle types and a genuine interest in working with you to plan the best approach, then contact Cargocare to learn more. We have the ability to offer extended services and to do more than purely handle transport logistics, so please do call now to outline your requirements – we can add value to your brand, we love to innovate and like to work with clients in long-term partnerships that work for both parties.

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