Freight Forwarding – Why Outsource these Service?

Whether you currently use, or indeed operate freight forwarding services into Ireland or if you’re assessing this requirement in terms of entering the market in the future, it’s worth analysing the pros and cons of running these services internally versus outsourcing them to a proven supplier.

Cargocare is the partner of choice for many businesses who have taken the decision to outsource their logistics requirement to Ireland. Many have done so on the basis that it makes financial sense and the fact that a specialist supplier like Cargocare is likely to handle the freight forwarding requirements in a more efficient way. Specialist logistics companies can offer a service that will increase your speed-to-market, improve customer service and offer efficiencies in terms of stock control.

A really good partner in freight forwarding may also take on more services than you might expect – like installing and testing office equipment and this service not only benefits the end-customer, who doesn’t have to wait for another supplier to turn up, position the equipment and test it, it’s also considerably more cost-effective for the manufacturer/distributor.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the benefits in choosing to outsource freight forwarding and related services;

  • Access a more flexible service; that can expand or reduce easily in line with actual business requirements and is not limited to existing internal resources.
  • Freight forwarders like Cargocare are family-owned companies. Enjoy the commitment of a family-run business, with a hands-on management team that is dedicated to successfully delivering your freight.
  • Benefit from the efficiencies of a specialist business that is dedicated to freight services and secure a better Return on Investment for logistics services
  • Eliminate to need for capital investment to build a logistics division and/or to run it over time; maintaining fleet, staffing drivers etc.
  • Access value-add services such as equipment installation, labelling, Pick & Pack, warehousing. These can be accessed on an on-going basis by arrangement or as a once-off when required.
  •  As sustainability is a key consideration, the consolidation of freight services through specialist providers is more environmentally friendly than businesses building and running their own fleet.
  • Avoid the need to find suitable Distribution Centres and to negotiate arrangements with these Centres as the freight forwarder will offer these facilities as an integrated element of their service.
  • Companies like Cargocare that specialise in freight forwarding services between the UK and Ireland have daily transfers operating year-round; offering customers a flexible capacity on delivery timeframes.

Outsource to Cargocare………

Cargocare has been the partner of choice for outsourced freight forwarding services for many blue-chip multi-nationals, such as Ricoh, as well as local SME’s in the UK and Ireland, for over 30 years.

With Depots in London and Dublin and partner Depots in Kettering and Bristol – we have the infrastructure, the resources and the expertise to manage your freight forwarding requirements in a professional and cost effective manner.

If you have freight forwarding needs and are looking for a partner you can trust to outsource this service to – we’d be delighted to quote for your business.