Freight Forwarding SME’s Target Niche Markets to Beat Larger Rivals

We interviewed Liam Brewer, founder Cargocare, to discuss the future of SME freight forwarders and how they differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

“Our focus is in Europe, providing services to and from the UK and Ireland. We have our own depots in London and Dublin and partner facilities in 3 other regional UK locations. We also have our own fleet of vehicles and we specialise in road and shipping transportation services so that gives us a focus for our target market. There are global operators that we don’t compete against, if someone wants a freight forwarding service that handles complex requirements worldwide day-in-day-out; they would probably need a dedicated team to work on that, with offices across the world; and that’s not the space we are in. ”

Liam believes that the secret to the longevity of Cargocare – a freight forwarding business that was established over 30 years ago now – lies in the passion that the family has in driving the business forward and a key part of this focus has been to specialise in certain markets.

“This business is literally our bread and butter – when our customers dealt with larger companies in the past, they often felt neglected and for the people they were dealing with; it was only a job. Our ethos couldn’t be more different; with two generations of the family heavily involved in the running of the company, we are committed to the very highest level of customer service and I believe this shows through in the way we go about our business.

We have also developed specialised solutions such as our office equipment delivery and installation services and these evolved directly as a result of our responsiveness to customer needs; we realised quickly that our clients needed not just a freight forwarding service but someone who would actually install the equipment, test it and leave the premises knowing that it worked.

One of the interesting aspects of the development of this service has meant that although Cargocare is an SME operating mainly locally in Ireland and the UK, customers include global manufacturers looking for local suppliers on the ground that can hand-hold their own clients. Liam says “This is an expansion of our services that offers real opportunity for the business and it’s an area where a good local supplier on the ground is essential to complete the circle of superior customer service that multi-nationals want to be seen to offer.”

Liam reckons that while the large global freight forwarding companies have extensive networks across the world, “their volume-driven approach to doing business leaves customer service levels lagging behind what an SME can offer – that’s good for companies like Cargocare!”

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