Freight Forwarding and Optimising Logistics

At Cargocare, we’re committed to operating a progressive business. We are keenly aware of our impact on the environment, and we know that one of the best ways to be environmentally responsible is to run the business efficiently. Sustainability is a key consideration for any business operating a logistics service and we try to work in a responsible way at each stage of the journey. This approach applies to every service that we offer also – from freight forwarding itself to our office installation service, which optimises logistics for office equipment suppliers.

We know we have further work to do in this field and we take a keen interest in the Lamilo project which aims to address a number of issues relevant to sustainability and logistics.

Cargocare’s Contributions to Sustainability

From the very outset of the freight forwarding journey, Cargocare is evolving its business with a view to ensuring minimal emissions. We are in the process of upgrading our fleet with the intention of having only the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the long-term; at present we are purchasing vehicles with Euro 6 engines, which meet EU environmental standards. With regard to the reduction of vehicle emissions, we are always on the look-out for industry developments which can assist in this process.

Another area for consideration is packaging. A freight forwarding company like Cargocare inevitably handles a great deal of packaging. We take pride in working with Rehab to recycle all of our packaging and we also make sure that all pallets are re-used and well maintained, for longevity. And where it is acceptable to clients, we make use of digital billing: thus minimising print cost and paper use, where appropriate.

In any freight forwarding journey, reducing travel time by optimising the route taken is vital. Using the most efficient routes is as important as using the best vehicles; emissions can be reduced simply by making the journey shorter. Cargocare makes use of specialised local knowledge and software tools to ensure that each journey undertaken is optimised in terms of minimising travel time and maximising loads. If every freight forwarding company took the same approach, the reduction in road traffic, congestion and emissions could be considerable.

Our approach is to be intelligent in the way we use of vehicles – it makes good business sense for us and it delivers a more efficient cost-effective service for our customers.

There is another aspect of efficiency that we work through and this is the efficient use of water and energy resources not just by our vehicles but also at all of our depots and facilities. We consistently try to decrease the use of these valuable resources through analysis of usage and billing, through raising awareness of this usage with the staff and with the implementation of a number of practical measures to reduce consumption.

Freight Forwarding and Cargocare  – Moving Forward

It is extremely important to us at Cargocare that we maximise efficiency and sustainability in all areas of the business and our work here is constantly evolving. We take pride in combining good business practices with excellent value and superb customer service. If you’re interested in freight forwarding, or indeed in any aspect of our comprehensive service, please do not hesitate to contact us.