Freight Forwarding Market Driving Efficiencies

It’s almost a year ago now since we wrote about lean processes in terms of logistics and how the freight forwarding and the Road Transport industry in particular are embracing efficiencies, both through tactical actions and strategic projects like LaMiLo. So it’s good to see that this commitment is bearing fruit, and the latest statistics from the UK confirm real progress. Data just released shows that in 2015 road transport operators achieved efficiency improvements of 2.8% in terms of HGV use, compared to the 2014 figures. This will come as welcome news to companies operating in the freight forwarding sector, as it reflects an ongoing opportunity to cut costs and improve environmental impacts.

The stats are particularly impressive given that the Dept. of Transport road freight activity data also indicates that there was an increase of 12% in terms of the amount of good transported by road freight operators, yet the level of usage of HGV’s only increased by 9% thus it’s clear that definite efficiencies have been achieved.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) welcomed the news, emphasising the continued improvements being achieved and confirming the growth in demand seen by its members. It pointed out that efficiency gains in HGV use have delivered a 20% improvement over the last 12 years. The FTA also clarified how important this trend is, given that road transport is crucial to commercial life in the UK with 75% of all goods being transported by road, instead of rail, waiter or air.

Efficient Freight Forwarding – Contact Cargocare

Cargocare is committed to sustainable freight forwarding activity and we embrace lean practices throughout the business. We are confident that we will secure further gains in this area over the coming years through the application of best practice and through investment in new technologies. With these objectives in mind, we are looking forward to attending the Freight in the City Expo at London’s Alexandra Palace this November 2nd 2016, to learn about new developments in the marketplace. Last year we found the event to be highly informative and a great way to network. If you’re in the industry and planning on going, let us know and maybe we’ll meet there for a coffee!

We’ve been operating between the UK and Ireland for over 3 decades and we trust future generations will have the privilege to do likewise so our commitment to an excellent service really is second-to-none. And we believe keeping up-to-speed with industry developments and new technologies is essential to maintain the highest possible standards of service.

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