Cargocare Freight Services – We Go the Last Mile

The last mile of your goods journey might come at the end of a long road but it’s probably the most important mile too; it represents how your own customer will perceive your brand and that impression may be vital to building customer loyalty.

Protect your brand and put a friendly, efficient face on the logistics side of your business with freight services that handle this part of the solution in an efficient, cohesive way.

Cargocare Office Equipment Delivery and Installation Services

We offer warehousing and delivery services for a wide range of office and print room equipment. Our freight services have further been extended to include the installation of equipment and this can include unpacking, positioning, the use of motorised stair walking equipment where necessary, the assembly and installation of equipment, green light testing and the recycling of packaging. Our installation teams are specifically trained around the needs of each customer and they are extremely customer-service focussed. See what some of our clients have to say about us.

Last Mile Logistics

This last-mile service is one which Cargocare is expanding and this is in line with EU strategy – the “Last Mile Logistics” (LaMiLo) project is working on developing more efficient and ecologically sound logistics services whereby more consideration is given to these final stages of the freight journey and better use is made of existing resources.

At Cargocare we are addressing this issue in a small but practical way. At a simple level – it makes little sense for one truck and team of people to be delivering office equipment and another team to arrive to do the unpacking and installation work; it’s just an in-efficient use of resources, it also adds to the time before equipment may be ready for use and it adds cost – so it makes real commercial sense for companies to re-think the way in which this “last mile” is handled. In fact one of LaMiLo’s aims is to reduce CO2 levels in urban areas and centres of freight services activity – with a view to offering both economic and ecological benefits. By using a freight services business that can offer this “last-mile” service – companies can easily reduce CO2 levels while improving customer service at the same time.

Earlier this year The Irish Exporters Assoc. became a partner of LaMiLo and the organisation has recently launched a new initiative “Supply Chain Ireland” to support those involved in supply chain services and to embrace the ethos of LaMiLo. It believes that Ireland has the opportunity to become a leading location for multi-nationals to conduct supply chain activities. As a partner, the IEA is going to work on identifying the challenges in improving last-mile logistics and it hopes to quantify the financial impacts on businesses due to in-efficiencies in this area.

Go the last mile with Cargocare

If your business is interested in securing the economic benefits that may be achieved by considering all your options when it comes to the delivery and installation of office equipment, then please do give us a call.

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