Groupage-Ireland-UK; a Core Cargocare Service

Groupage is a very efficient and cost effective way to distribute goods when volumes are either less that full vehicle loads, or, the goods are going to multiple customer addresses. Typically shipments are smaller batches of pallets or goods which we either collect from the shipper or the shipper delivers to our despatch depot. Shipments are transported over night to our overseas arrivals depot where they are discharged for loading onto smaller delivery vehicles and despatched to their various destinations.

Groupage services between the UK and Ireland are core services at Cargocare – we have operated these services daily for over 40 years and have a wealth of experience in this market.  Many freight forwarding agents not servicing Ireland themselves use our UK – Ireland Groupage services assured that their shipments and their interests are in safe hands.

The advantages of our groupage service include –

  • Reduced stock holding requirement through frequent deliveries; this saves stock cost and storage space
  • Groupage effectively cuts transport costs by sharing them with a number of other shippers; you are only paying for the goods transported specifically for your business; you don’t have to carry additional overheads unnecessarily.
  • A fast, reliable and accurate distribution partner gives better service to your customers and internal team.

Depots for Groupage – UK – Ireland

In terms of facilities for our UK – Ireland groupage services our network of depots is a key component. Cargocare has its own depots in London and Dublin. In Ireland, we deliver to all of the island, North and South. In the UK we also have additional partner depots throughout the UK, both of which have overnight services to our Dublin depot.

Cargocare – A Proven Operator for UK – Ireland Groupage

Cargocare combines in-depth experience in the freight industry with the right resources in terms of depots, trained staff, fleet and software to offer a groupage service that is superior in the marketplace. Our clients know their freight is in good hands and our transportation services are robust, dependable and cost-effective. The team is very accessible and can provide quotes quickly and accurately. We appreciate the value of time and the importance of delivering in line with customer expectations.

The element that perhaps most distinguishes our groupage and freight services is our people and the total commitment we bring to customer service. Cargocare was founded over 40 years ago and has won Ireland’s National and Overall Haulier of the Year awards.          As a family business, already in the hands of a second generation, it is our goal to deliver excellent service. Customer satisfaction  and job satisfaction go hand in hand and both are very important at Cargocare.

We  are pleased to offer you an extremely efficient, flexible and cost effective way to ship consignments to one or multiple customers.    You will be assured of the commitment of a company who wants your business and wants to do a great job for you.

Contact Cargocare for Groupage Services

You may have an ongoing requirement for groupage services from the UK to Ireland or perhaps this is the first time you have required such a service. Either way, we will be delighted to hear from you. We can talk through your requirements, address any queries, provide costings and the optimal approach to save time and money.

We are extremely flexible we can work around your needs to get the best fit for your business.

Please call us at –

DUBLIN: +353 (1) 8424733
LONDON: +44 (0) 845 644 1948

Alternatively you can email us at any time. We look forward to talking with you!